Transitioning Style from Suits to Sweats

Transitioning Style from Suits to Sweats

So now when I say I have nothing to wear, I’m not exaggerating.

Since I no longer need my conservative bank suits as a full-time stay-at-home mom, my closet seems somehow empty to me.  I was shocked to look in my closet and see how few casual clothes I really had.  And many of those happen to be clothes that I don’t fit into yet (I am stubborn and have not admitted some realities) but can’t seem to let go of.

Most of my life my clothes have been able to fit into three categories: work, work-out and go-out.  There are a few exceptions to that rule, but it is pretty spot on.

I would love to say that now I no longer need to wear suits, sweats are my normal uniform (I should be so lucky).  Don’t get me wrong, I have my sweats days.  And when I was first on maternity leave, I had a lot of sweats days.  But life has sure changed.  No longer can I confidently wear sweats on a daily basis.  And if I was being completely honest, wearing sweats daily never made me feel very good about myself.  There is something about getting up and purposefully getting into a planned outfit that makes you feel a little bit more motivated to accomplish something.  It’s weird but true.

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