Why take a Babymoon?

Babymoon Yes or No? Whether this is your first or your fourth, a babymoon is a great way to celebrate your family.

If you are expecting your first or even your fourth child, I highly recommend taking a Babymoon before his or her arrival. Why?  Because you deserve it.  I sure know I did.  A Babymoon is defined as a relaxing vacation taken by the parents-to-be before the baby is born. I look at it as a time to celebrate your current family before your family expands by at least one (and maybe more).

I took my very first babymoon before my daughter Charlize. It is such a great time to focus on the existing family unit and celebrate how wonderful life is before the craziness of a newborn arrives.  And we all know it gets really crazy with a newborn.

Whether you want to go lavish or live on a budget, there are many different types of babymoons to choose from. I have broken the babymoon down to four different types:

  • Vacation Getaway
  • Weekend
  • Staycation
  • Family Chaos

A Vacation getaway is probably the most popular and honestly relaxing of the baby moons.  There are countless amazing locations to choose from when looking at a vacation babymoon.  The one warning, with Zika Virus being a clear concern for pregnant women and your unborn child, make sure to check with CDC before deciding on a location.  Make sure that this getaway is both relaxing and safe for all involved.  It is really up to each couples tastes but a tropical vacation, or maybe a winter snow resort, can do wonders for the mind, body and soul.

While a vacation getaway maybe on everyone's wish list, it is not exactly always fiscally possible.  A Weekend babymoon is a great option that will still give you time to breath.  Since we live in the Pacific Northwest, we have many great beaches within a two hour drive of us.  The weather might not be as amazing as Hawaii or Mexico, but sometimes just getting out of town can do a world of good.  And the views alone can still compete with beaches all over the world.

If going out of town is out of the question, then I highly recommend a simple Staycation.  This, as it sounds, is a vacation where you stay at home.  If you have kids at home, as a friend or family to watch them for one, two or ten days.  There are strict rules for the staycation babymoon.  That might sound funny, but let's be honest with ourselves, if we are at home we run errands, finish to-do-lists and possibly work  on projects around the house.  None of these activities promote relaxation.  During the staycation, just ignore everything and enjoy each other.  My advice is to order takeout, hit Red Box or maybe binge watch a little Netflix.  Whatever you decide, just take a little time to relax and take a break from the all too real world.

What was my babymoon like?  None of the above.  We chose the Family Chaos babymoon.  Strange choice, yes.  For our babymoon we decided that we wanted to celebrate our current family unit.  So we went to one of the most unrelaxing locations possible, Great Wolf Lodge.  And I don't regret it one bit.  Since I signed up for their newsletter on Facebook, we got a smoking deal, which made me have an even better time.  From the wave pool, water slides (not for the pregnant women of course), late night kids dance party and waaaay to much pizza, we had a fabulous time!!!  I can't imagine a better family babymoon, before the impending new bundle.

No matter what type of babymoon you choose to take, TAKE IT!!!!  We all deserve a little moment to relax and/or celebrate the family we have today.  I don't know if my kids even remember it as a babymoon.  They remember it as a fun and carefree two days of fun with their family of five.  Thank you Great Wolf Lodge for a wonderful Babymoon!!


Lessons I am teaching my kids about the Presidential Election

Lessons Im Teaching My Kids About The Presidential Election

First of all, I want to thank Donald Trump for making me vote this 2016 Presidential Election.

I strongly believe that who I vote for is a personal decision, and I have the right to keep it personal. The one thing I will say is that I did not vote for Donald Trump. But thanks to him, I remembered that we are fortunate to have the right to vote in this wonderful country. And only I, like each American, have the ability to choose who will lead our country.

It has definitely been the most passionate and polarizing election I have ever witnessed in my lifetime.  It is scary to see how our country seems to have become so divided, and hope we can come together.  So now that the election is final and Donald Trump is officially the President-Elect, I have thought long and hard about how I can explain this election to my kids.  Ultimately I think it is best to focus on what we can LEARN from this election, rather than moan and groan.

1. Sometimes Bullies Win  I hate to admit it but good does not always triumph over bad in the world we live in.  Not only in this election, but through out my life I have come across both male and female bullies.  Not just during childhood but throughout my adult life as well.  Some people choose to use fear and lies to manipulate others into getting what they want.  But no matter who believes those lies, I have learned I have to be true to myself.  Don't get me wrong, I love to win (I mean I looooooove winning), but I want my kids to know that being kind, morale and honest are what's most important, not winning.

2. Hate Should Never Win  Every which way we turn, we are seeing hate and fear on the television.  We are not only seeing this when we watch the crime on the news, but on every political debate it seems as well.  The focus does not seem to be on how to make our country truly better, but how others are to blame.  Blame seems to be accompanied by hate and fear.  Ultimately hate will never bring peace in this world, country or in my own soul.  Hate is all around us but it is our choice to be on the side of hate or the side of love and forgiveness.

3. There is always more than one way to accomplish something good  The older I get, the more I realize that I don't have all the answers.  And to be honest, no matter what you hear the politicians say, neither do they.  I believe that each of our political parties truly want what is best for our country, they each just have their own idea of the best way to get us there.  I may not like what I am hearing from some of the political parties, but there is more than one way to accomplish almost everything.  It is our job to trust our system of government that has worked for hundreds of years, and realize that good things can be accomplished even in the most chaotic circumstances.

4. Have Faith  This is the most important lesson I want my kids to know.  Have faith.  After we pray and give it all to God, we just have to have faith that whatever the outcome, God will always be watching out for us.  Having faith in our political system  can be one of the hardest things to do even for the most devout of Christians.  Hebrews 11:1 says faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.  I may not be able to see what God has in store for me or this country, but I need to have confidence in my hope.

It is never too early to teach children about the world around us.  Whether it be sports, faith or even politics, talk to your children and encourage dialogue.  We can learn things at every age, and we should continue to search for answers at each and every stage of our life.  While this election is now part of history, politics will always be in our future, and I choose to have faith and hope in God and our Country.