2017, A Year to Remember

As the end of the year approaches, I think it is safe to say we are all scrambling trying to make the holiday season “perfect”. In our sometimes forced Christmas cheer mode, it is nice to take a break from the online shopping and last minute trips to Target, and just look back and remember the year (cuz boy it flies by quickly).

When I sit down to think of everything that happened in 2017, I am reminded how crazy and busy it was.

Here is My Top Ten of 2017.

10.  I decided I am definitely ready to go back to work.  It was amazing how the feeling just came over me like a wave.  I know childcare for two will hurt, but I am ready to be the professional I used to be.  I am ready to have an identity outside of “mom”.  I am ready to have a bigger purpose, outside of my little world.

9.  It was time to take my health back.  Take a look at my post Losing Weight After Baby and After 40.  This was the first time I decided to lose weight and get healthy for my happiness and not depression.  I said I was trying to get back to my dating weight for my husband, but that was kind of a joke.  The truth is at that dating weight, I was happier in my own skin than I had ever been.  I did this with the very strict Keto Diet, and no exercise (see why in 7 and 8 below), but I can’t wait to make working out part of my 2018.  I have always been an active person, and the gym has been my safe place.  I still have a long way to go before I can say I am a truly healthy and fit person, but I am so much closer than I was before this.  And hopefully I am a better example to all of my kids.

8.  Yellowstone Family Vacation Road-trip.  This vacation is one for the books.  As a family we learned that long car trips really aren’t that bad, and the kids do really good.  We also learned that toddlers should NEVER go camping (or at least mine shouldn’t).  Screaming through the night each night in a tent, is not my idea of fun.  But on the good note, Yellowstone is bear country and he was our bear deterrent.  Bears don’t like loud noises and neither did any of our neighbors who were tenting it next to us.  Lastly, we got to see some of the most beautiful country in the world.  There is a reason that Yellowstone is on most people’s bucket list, it’s breathtaking.

7.  Left foot surgery and calf surgery.  I have suffered with Plantar Fasciitis in both my feet since I was 18.  I have worked with four different Pediatrists and all have helped me in some way.  But it gets to a certain point where there is nothing else that can be done except for surgery.  Ten years ago I was just about to have this same surgery on my right foot and then I did something stupid, I played a game of kickball in an adult kickball league.  I kicked the ball, and with my first step I felt a pop.  Some of the fascia and bone spur popped off.  So long story short, my Pediatrist told me I did the surgery the cheaper but more painful way.  Since I couldn’t exactly fix my left foot the same way, surgery it was.  I am still not 100% but my foot hasn’t felt this good in years.  Yay me!!

6.  Right foot surgery.  Two weeks after I found out I was pregnant, I got some not so welcome news that I did not have a large callus but a growth that needed to be surgically removed from the bottom of my right foot.  Luckily it was non-cancerous but the surgery took place two months post C-Section.  So with a newborn and a crazy toddler, I can thank my mother and husband enough for everything that they did for me.

5. Gout has been our nemesis this year, for my husband.  He has had many bouts of it, and one lasted 4 weeks this year.  During that time, both feet and both knees could not move at all.  I needed to wait on him constantly and was so thankful that I was able to be there for him (even though during that time, I realized I could definitely never be a caregiver as a profession).  He is still battling taking control of it, but he now knows what he needs to do to not repeat that 4 week ordeal ever again.

4.  My Uncle passing away.  My dad’s brother (his one and only brother), passed away in his sleep from an unknown heart defect right after my father visited him in California.  Both of my dad’s parents (Grandma and Grandpa Puppy) had passed years before.  It was obviously so hard on my dad, but I truly didn’t start crying buckets until I realized none of my new family had ever met him.  It made me so sad that they weren’t able to meet this fabulous and fun man that was my dad’s brother, Dave.  We were also reminded of the need for a will, no matter your marital status.

3. & 2. This is definitely a tie for me. I was able to reconnect with my stepson and stepdaughter from my first marriage. I can’t rank them above each other because I love them both so much. When I got the first text from my previous stepdaughter, I actually cried. And then when I received a text from my previous stepson, I had such a stupid grin on my face and did a funny dance. My nights of prayers and hoping were finally answered. They have both turned into such beautiful young adults, but they will always be little kids to me.

1. Of course I had to list the birth of my daughter, Charlie as the most important thing that happened this year. Her smile brightens up each and every day.  I love how she can’t help but wave her hands and dance when she hears music.  She is sweet and sneaky and already a little bit too much like her mom (poor little thing). I can’t believe I am so blessed to have so many wonderful kids in my life. Sometimes I stop and say, God how do I deserve this.

2017 was definitely a busy year.  There were many things I wish I could have done and others that I wish I wouldn’t have done, but ultimately 2017 was a blessed year for me.  I am so thankful my supportive family, and for my extended (in every weird direction) family.  I am a stronger and better person because of each one of you.

I can’t wait to see what 2018 holds in store for me.  More writing?  More warm weather vacations?  More house projects?  Definitely more potty training.  Whatever more it is, I am blessed.




Okay, I know it says Top Ten, but I couldn’t help but add one more.  It’s definitely not the most memorable moment but deserves to be on this list.

11.  My master bedroom closet, with new bed and mattress, and our kids bathrooms were finally completed.  My husband (and my father who designed and constructed the built-in dresser by hand) worked hard and long to complete these rather large projects.  And even though it took a while for it to happen (3 years to be exact), I can’t believe he was able to accomplish it so beautifully in this crazy 2017.  Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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