My 14 Must-Haves for Baby

14 Must Haves for Baby Pic

When I was pregnant with my son, everyone gave me advice on what I needed.  There were countless lists that stores offered and numerous websites that had these long printouts.  I used them all, and many were very helpful.

We all know the basic stuff that is needed for a baby.  They need a place to sleep.  They need a place to store their clothes and a place for their diapers to be changed.  Babies need a car seat and some type of bag to bring all their necessities when you dare to leave the confines of your home.  Outside of the basics, there is a lot of other stuff out there, and let me tell you I received a lot of it (thanks to amazing friends and family).

So with all the amazing baby stuff out there, here is My List of Must-Haves. Continue reading


Promises to My Babies

Charlize Aubrey was born on January 17, 2017, at AM.  She was 8 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long.


Letters written on January 4, 2017

With my due date rapidly approaching, like many pregnant women, I am filled with anxiety and excitement. In just a few days (possibly sooner), I get to meet my baby girl.

Will I be a good example for a baby girl?

Can I spread myself thin enough to give all the kids the attention they need?

Will my toddler feel abandoned by me?

Will baby girl get the one on one attention she deserves?

There are so many questions swimming around my head. I have no answers but I have many prayers and promises in my heart.



Baby Girl,

I am so excited to meet you.  You are about to become part of such a wonderful and loving family.  I promise to love you with all of my heart.  I promise to never treat you like a second child, fourth child or even sixth child.  I promise to be excited for each and every one of your firsts, because you are special and important.

With every sleepless night and poopy diaper, I will remember that these moments are fleeting.  I will cherish every tear you and I shed, and each moment I get to share with you.

Today, you are in my tummy.  Tomorrow you will be in my arms.  And in a blink of an eye, you will be asking to borrow my car keys.

I will pray for you daily and worry about you every moment of every day.  I love you so much already.  And know that my love for you will only grow. I promise to be the best mommy I can be.  I promise to love you with each and every breath.



Little Man,

With every giggle and each impish smile, my love for you grows and grows.  From the moment I held you in my arms, you had my heart.  With every tear I have shed, I have learned how to be a better mom.  Thank you for putting up with me and learning along with me.

I love your adventurous spirit and your kind soul. From your mischievous smile to your perfect little toes, you are growing up so quickly. Please remember you will always be my little man, and I will forever call you my precious cargo.

Although you are becoming a big brother, you are no less my baby boy. I look forward to seeing all of your firsts and being there to wipe away every tear. I love you and feel so lucky to be your mom.






What I Learned from my Divorce

divorce rings


When I look back at my divorce, there are so many emotions that rush through me.  Divorce is a sad time when most people are at their worst.  But while divorce is the sad ending of one story, it is also a new beginning.

And in order for me to be a better person in my new life, one day I sat down and just wrote out what I learned from my divorce.  Some people may disagree, but divorce is rarely just one-sided (of course there are always exceptions).  No matter what the reason for divorce, I think it’s important that both parties take responsibility for their shortcomings.

Make sure to put your marriage first

After the “I do’s” and the honeymoon, all the realities of marriage come pouring in.  From the refrigerator breaking (which just happened yesterday) to shuttling the kids to gymnastics and helping with homework, there is constantly things fighting for your attention. Continue reading


Working Professional vs Stay-at-Home Mom

Carson-2014-feetAfter 9 months of mood swings, weight gain and pure exhaustion, my little boy is now here with me.  For many women, like me, I received three months of maternity leave.  Thank goodness I had AFLAC short term disability and had enough saved sick time, otherwise we would have been hurting financially.  The miracle of birth is expensive!
I was told by many people that the three months would fly by, and boy were they right.  After the pain of a C-section, emergency surgery for my newborn at 4 weeks, dealing with insurance issues and having the flu go through the house of five, the three months vanished before my eyes.  Now it was time to go back to work.

As the date crept up, I kept thinking how can I go back to work?  I have been waiting all of my life for this baby, and now I am going to back to 60 hours a week?

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