2017, A Year to Remember

As the end of the year approaches, I think it is safe to say we are all scrambling trying to make the holiday season “perfect”. In our sometimes forced Christmas cheer mode, it is nice to take a break from the online shopping and last minute trips to Target, and just look back and remember the year (cuz boy it flies by quickly).

When I sit down to think of everything that happened in 2017, I am reminded how crazy and busy it was.

Here is My Top Ten of 2017.

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A Letter of Love

A letter of love

Being a stepmom, or bonus mom, is an adventure and has been one of the best things in my life.  But life doesn’t always have happy endings.  Sometimes divorces happen.  And unlike parents with biological kids, when a marriage ends, a step-parent has no rights.  This is a letter of love from many previous bonus parents to kids everywhere. Continue reading


What I Learned from my Divorce

divorce rings


When I look back at my divorce, there are so many emotions that rush through me.  Divorce is a sad time when most people are at their worst.  But while divorce is the sad ending of one story, it is also a new beginning.

And in order for me to be a better person in my new life, one day I sat down and just wrote out what I learned from my divorce.  Some people may disagree, but divorce is rarely just one-sided (of course there are always exceptions).  No matter what the reason for divorce, I think it’s important that both parties take responsibility for their shortcomings.

Make sure to put your marriage first

After the “I do’s” and the honeymoon, all the realities of marriage come pouring in.  From the refrigerator breaking (which just happened yesterday) to shuttling the kids to gymnastics and helping with homework, there is constantly things fighting for your attention. Continue reading